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Florida Aluminum Products is the premier distributor of all
ES Windows' Products

In today’s marketplace, top quality impact windows at an affordable price are hard to find.  It is for this reason that Florida Aluminum Products was created.  Through a joint venture with ES windows, FAP now exists to provide the full line of ES residential and commercial products to you directly at factory prices. FAP does not get involved in any aspect of installation, and our one and only goal is to help you grow your business by selling ES Impact products.

“FAP Offers a Full line of Residential and Commercial Hurricane impact products”

We provide distribution services across South Florida, allowing you to use ES products for individual projects, or giving you the opportunity to become a full time dealer of ES products.  As we are only a distribution company, we are able to provide the fastest and most reliable service in the industry.  As a dealer for FAP, you will not get lost in the red tape and managerial delays of other large companies.  All of your requests will be handled directly by the Director of Wholesale Operations or the FAP General Manager.

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Hurricane Impact Doors

In addition to offering all types of custom impact products, we will also offer basic commodity sizes and storefront stock lengths in our warehouse that can be purchased and picked up the same day!  Our goal is to give you the edge in a marketplace saturated with dealers of other companies that simply cannot match the pricing and quality that we offer.  ES Windows’s products can be used in all types of projects:

  • Single family homes & Condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • College campuses
  • Strip malls
  • Any where that requires impact glass!

What makes us so unique? We are a full service glass company with the resources to produce quality hurricane impact proof windows and doors from beginning to end. We control all aspects of the production process, which allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality and the most efficient distribution. Please review the product information contained within this site and call the Director of Wholesale Operations at your convenience to discuss setting up your dealership.